Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Why A Blog???

Howdy All,

I'm sure many people will say that blogging has already "jumped the shark" being surpassed by other forms of social media and outreach technology.  But why would I want to take precious time out of my day to put the "pen to paper"???

The basic trigger is this:  My hope is that blogging about coaching youth baseball will be therapeutic for me, and along the way people might get some enjoyment out of reading it (maybe some laughs too).  Maybe a discussion will happen surrounding the issues.....a discussion in your own mind, between friends, whoever...Mostly it's therapeutic for me!

I have been coaching baseball now for five years.....For the last two years I have coached my younger sons' (Kyle) team.  We started in the fall of 2013 with their 7U season and now we are getting ready to enter the Spring of 2015 playing 8U and 9U baseball.  I also am lucky enough to be able to help out with my older sons (Jackson) 11U team.  I say lucky only because I get to coach with who I consider to be a friend and personal coaching mentor, Brian Seigel.  He is one of the few men who has made a impact on my son Jackson, which is worth its weight in gold to me.  A man of character and someone I can call on anytime for advice, venting, or just to talk.  More about Brian later though.
I am the luckiest coach in St. Louis.  I have 10 great boys who LOVE baseball;  I have 20-something parents, grandparents, and siblings who LOVE to watch their relatives play baseball.

Over the last few years I have felt beaten up and frustrated by coaches and parents who don't understand why we are out on the field...I have became sickened seeing boys overused, parents and coaches psychologically beating up on their children and players, and overall a HUGE disrespect for this game.  I will be the first to tell you though that I am not perfect by any means and make mistake after mistake on and off the field.  Hopefully though I am man enough to admit when I am wrong, accept constructive criticism with pride, and learn from my mistakes.

I am a club select coach, and my boys are blessed enough to be able to play at a higher level, however I love baseball at all levels.  Baseball (in my mind) is the greatest game ever, because even the best players fail more often than not and the worst players will have their moments of glory, and frankly; every life lesson can be learned on a baseball field.

I think that's about all now. I hope this intrigues you enough to read the next posting.

Until next time....

Coach Rich
"A little insanity from the dugout"

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